Android Lollipop Features And Facts Explained

Android Lollipop Features And Facts Explained

Android Lollipop has been around for quite a while now with its name as Android L Developer Preview but it is finally released (not publicly though ). Google has redesigned Android totally with its Material Design to look more Flatter and Sophisticated, which if you ask me is an fabulous decision . Android Lollipop has not only been redesigned in looks but has also brought various changes too such as Project Volta which according to Google enhances the Battery Performance by about 90 minutes. There are lot more features too which we will discuss here.


Android Lollipop Features

  • Priority Mode ( Android Lollipop Features ) : Android Lollipop Comes with Priority Mode Feature which is an awesome feature . You must be thinking what’s so awesome about it well let me tell you that , this feature makes certain people and certain notification to pass through the silent zone and make alerts to notify you when the phone is silent. This mode will automatically get active at the pre described time or event made by you or by simply holding your devices volume keys.
  • Always Listening ( Android Lollipop Features ) : Ok Google is a phrase we all have used and have used it plenty of times but it was used always when the Display was ON unlike MOTO X on which Ok Google command could be used when the Display was OFF too. We have all wanted that feature and now it is finally here with Android Lollipop , now you can call up your friend or wake up your screen or even wake it up when the display is OFF by simply calling your phone by saying Ok Google.
  • Double Tap To Wake ( Android Lollipop Features) : This feature is nothing new as it has been integrated into various OEM devices but it is now been provided into Android Lollipop as the native feature so you don’t have to depend upon your manufactures to integrate into their system. This feature as default will surely be welcomed and loved for sure.
  • Cards ( Android Lollipop Features ) : The recent tab tray has been given a total makeover from simple 2D design to 3D (somewhat ) Card design as seen in Chrome For Android Browser.  The Recent Tab Tray now looks prettier than ever.

Android-Lollipop OS

  • Project Volta ( Android Lollipop Features ) : With Android Lollipop Google has introduced Project Volta whose basic aim is to improve Battery Life of the device. According to Google this feature has increased the Battery life of Nexus 5 by somewhat 90 minutes when compared to that of Android KitKat, which is surely a welcomed enhancement.
  • Camera ( Android Lollipop Features ) : Google has done a very pretty job with its Camera App, as now people can take RAW images with their device on the go without much of a hustle as this feature has been made native to this Android. This feature will surely be loved by all Photo Enthusiast .
  • ART ( Android Lollipop Features ) : ART is a runtime much like that of Dalvik but twice as fast as Dalvik which ensures your Device to run almost twice as fast as before when using Dalvik as runtime . This feature was first made available on Nexus 5 as an optional choice but on Android Lollipop this feature will be used as default.
  • Security Enhancement ( Android Lollipop Features ) : Remember many people complaining about security flaws found on Android, well worry no more as your device will be fully Encrypted from now on as this feature is being activated as soon as you start your device running Android Lollipop. Not only this you can now kill your device completely with the Kill Switch when your device is lost or stolen making it useless for the thiefs.


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