Best & Top WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Best & Top WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Beginners : Nowadays everybody owns a smartphone that can at least run WhatsApp with ease . WhatsApp is an App which could be found on almost every smartphone no matter what OS its running in its core rather it be Android, iOS , Blackberry OS or Symbian Device, WhatsApp is available for everyone. WhatsApp lets you text via internet to others on their Mobile Number and not on any social id or something which if you ask me is a great thing and is also a reason of WhatsApp’s success.

Today in this post we will look forward for hidden WhatsApp tricks that only few of us know. These hidden secret tips and tricks are pretty good indeed and which can also change the way we use WhatsApp in our day to day life.So here are some of the Best & Top WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Beginners

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Best & Top WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Beginners

(Best & Top WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Beginners)

  • Change Your WhatsApp Number (Best & Top WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Beginners) : This trick is for anyone who wants to change their number but couldn’t do so just because of fear of losing old WhatsApp contact and their messages, well you need not to worry as there is an option built in the WhatsApp which lets you change your number with ease, for that all you need to do is go to WhatsApp Settings>>Account>>Change Number , here firstly put your Old Number in the first box and then your New Number in the below box and click done to confirm. Once your Number gets verified all your previous text and media files will be transferred to your New Number.
  •  Send Text To More Than One Person (Best & Top WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Beginners) : If you ever wished to send a text to various people and that too without making any group but don’t have any idea on how to do that well here is how you can do that , first open WhatsApp then open WhatsApp Menu there click on New Broadcast and finally select all those who you want to text altogether.
  • WhatsApp Images bothering you in the Gallery? (Best & Top WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Beginners): If you are one of those guys who are very active in Group text and recieve/send various images/videos but don’t want to see these images/videos in Gallery can follow these steps:-
  1. Open any file explorer like Es Explorer.
  2. Go to sdcard/whatsapp/media.
  3. Now open WhatsApp Audio folder and WhatsApp Video folder one by one.
  4. In each of these folder create a file , to do that click Menu Button and choose to create new file with the name .nomedia (in Es Explorer click on “+new” icon in bottom left corner) .
  • Prevent your WhatsApp Text from friends/family (Best & Top WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Beginners): In a group there are always some friends who wants to invade your Smartphone in the intend to get to your personal WhatsApp text which if you ask me is quite annoying but worry no more as there are certain Apps which can prevent you from intruders like those. Download the app WhatsApp Lock app from here.
  • Create A Backup Of Your WhatsApp text (Best & Top WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Beginners): Although WhatsApp automatically creates the backup of all your text messages every 4 in the morning but still there are times when we are bound to uninstall the app or have to do a complete factory reset in both the cases you will lose the data after 4 am in the morning ie text exchanged before 4 am will remain intact and can be recovered upon re-installation so for those guys here is how can create a manual backup:-
  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Open WhatsApp Menu.
  3. Go to settings.
  4. Then to chat settings.
  5. Click on Backup Conversation .
  • Hide Last Seen (Best & Top WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Beginners): If you want that no body can see your WhatsApp Last Seen then go to WhatsApp Settings then open Accounts and click on Privacy , here change WhatsApp Last Seen according to your choice.
  • Disable Double Tick/Read Receipts (Best & Top WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Beginners): To disable blue colour double tick / read receipts confirmation so that no body could see that if you read their text or not, go to WhatsApp Settings>>Accounts>>Privacy, here un-tick the Read Receipts.

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