How To Fix Blue Screen Memory Dump Error On Windows

Fix Blue Screen Memory Dump Error On Windows : Blue Screen Memory Dump Error or rather say BSod ie Blue Screen Of Death, this error in particular is quite popular and is very common in Windows running PC/Laptop and users are quite annoyed by this. This error when occurs causes your Windows PC/Laptop crash all of a sudden and a Blue Screen Error will pop up showing you various error which is hard to understand for almost everyone of us.

This error basically is the sign of heavy load on your system due to various unwanted reason it could be either due to recent hardware change or due to incompatible apps or drivers. The Blue Screen Error in particular doesn’t  let your Windows System to run efficiently and shows signs of lagging and crashing at most of the times. Well to fix this error we first have to learn the cause of Blue Screen Memory Dump Error as this error could be the cause of either Incompatible Software or due to hardware issues. So lets move ahead and see How we can fix this Blue Screen Error?

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Fix Blue Screen Memory Dump Error On Windows

Blue Screen Memory Dump Error

As I said earlier the Blue Screen Memory Dump Error could occur due to either Software Conflicts or due to Hardware Issues and without knowing the cause of Blue Screen Error it will be very hard to resolve it at all. So in this tutorial we would look forward to identify the cause of this error first and then will move ahead to solve it so that you don’t have to face this Blue Screen Memory Dump Error at all ever again.

How To Fix Blue Screen Memory Dump Error In Windows

Step 1 : Run your Windows PC/Laptop in Safe Mode

This step is indeed very necessary as this will help you to determine if the Blue Scree Error is either due to Software Conflicts or Hardware issues, as using your system in Safe Mode ensures that no user installed App or any Driver is in work. So if your system works all fine in  Safe Mode then this confirms that the Blue Screen Memory Dump Error is indeed due to software conflicts but if the problem still continues in the Safe Mode then I’m sorry to break it to you that the Blue Screen Error is due to hardware issue.

Step 2 : Clean Up Your Registry

If the Blue Screen Memory Dump Error is not due to Hardware issue then you should first try repairing or cleaning up the Registry files on your Windows Device as at many cases Blue Screen Error Causes due to corrupted Registry Files. To clean or repair Corrupted Registry File download and install CCleaner on your Windows Device as this app ensures perfect solution to all your Registry File issues.

Step 3 : Update Your Drivers

In most of the cases not updating the Drivers has also been the cause of Blue Screen Memory Dump Error. So if the above method didn’t resolve your Blue Screen Error issue then you must look forward to update your Device Driver instantly as this might solve this issue , in particularly my case this method did helped.

Step 4 : Scan For Virus and Malware on your System

Most of the times virus and malware are the reason of inefficient working of your Windows System as they increase unwanted load on your PC/Laptop causing it to crash and lag on different occasions and hence causing Blue Screen Error on your Windows System. So scanning your device with Antivirus might help you solving this problem.

Step 5 : Formatting The Windows OS

If none of the above method worked for you then approach for the ultimate step by formatting up your Windows as this will surely help you to get rid of Blue Screen Error.

Step 5 : Replacing or  Removing the Hardware

If in safe mode your device still showed the sign of Blue Screen Memory Dump Error then you might be the victim of Faulty Hardware or incompatible one. So in that case you must consult technician to solve this problem for you.

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