How To Change Screen Resolution & Density Of Your Device Easily

Change Screen Resolution & Density Of Your Device Easily : Screen Resolution and DPI’s are not that big of a issue for some users but it does matters to those who are heavy gamers or who like to watch or play Games on their High Definition T.V via HDMI, as being on low resolution may decrease the visual quality on the HD T.V and sometimes having high resolution may increase the load on the Device CPU so much that High End Games might not work properly on the device and even eats up too much of Battery.

In this post we will be learning to change the Screen Resolution & Density on your device to optimum level so as to attain the maximum performance out of our device and also saving the battery to the up most level. To do this you will be required to download an App, developed by an XDA-Developer aravindsagar , and then you have to manually change the Screen Resolution And Density of your device.

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Change Screen Resolution & Density Of Your Device

Change Screen Resolution & Density

Altering the display resolution helps in playing graphically demanding games as well as certain apps which might not work without changing the resolution or rather say in old devices in which the resolution might not fulfil the demand of the game or the app. This App helps to increase as well as decrease the screen resolution and density of the device flawlessly so that you have the resolution your app or your game requires from your device.

How To Change Screen Resolution & Density Of Your Device

  • Download the App Screen Shift from here.
  • Transfer Screen Shift to your device memory.
  • Now on your device go to settings>>security>>Unknown Sources and turn it on if it’s not already.
  • Now open File Explorer on your device and locate Screen Shift file you just transferred over your device memory and click on it and keep clicking next until the app is installed .
  • Once its installed open it.

Change Screen Resolution & Density

  • Now once inside the app provide the Root Access .
  • After Root Access has been provided , turn on the Screen Shift by toggling the switch provided at top right corner.

Change Screen Resolution & Density

  • In the app you will see three options Resolution, Overscan % & Density.
  • Now to change Resolution just put the desired value by turning on the toggle same is for Density, once the value is set save the profile and wait for 15 SEC to let this app to change the default settings of your device.

Change Screen Resolution & Density

  • To revert back just turn off the toggle provided at the Top Right Corner.

I hope and wish that this method did work for you to Change Screen Resolution & Density of your device, if not you can contact us through our comment section or you can even ask us your doubts or suggest us anything on our Facebook page. Please dont forget to like & share our post on Facebook , Twitter or Google Plus as it will surely help us to grow.

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