Available Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic)

Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic) : Clash Of Clans was launched back in 2012 by Supercell and is considered one of the best game available for mobile users rather it be for iOS or Android and after all this year everybody still loves to play it. Clash Of Clans is a strategy game developed by Supercell and is played by million of users, according to a survey the daily download of Clash Of Clans is about 25000 and its daily revenue is estimated to be around 320,000$ which according to me is great taking in note that this game is somewhat around 6 years old. Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks.

Clash Of Clans is an online multiplayer Game in which players build a community containing Town Hall, Defense Towers , Walls etc, Train Troops and attack other players to loot their elixir , gold and dark elixir. ( Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks ) These loot help in upgrading their Town Hall , Defense Towers, Walls and Troops. One can also Donate his/her troops as well as spells to other clan members to help them to win the war. Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks.

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Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic)

Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks

If you search today online you will see lots and lots of online guides suggesting you of various Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks and when you check those guides they are survey based and even when you complete those surveys you get nothing, as these guides are totally fake. Let me make it very clear to you guys that no app or hacks can get you free clash of clans gems but don’t lose your hope as of now, as I’ve got you covered. Today I’ll be telling you all the authentic Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks through which you can definitely upgrade your town hall and walls much faster than those who aren’t aware of this neat trick. So without wasting anymore time lets get on to Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic).

Prerequisite Of Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic)

Available Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic)

Step 1 : Installing BlueStacks And Changing Its Resolution ( Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic) )

  • Download and install BlueStacks with Root Privilages on your Desktop Computer or your Laptop.
  • Now you have to change the resolution of BlueStacks for that press “window key along with R“.
  • You will now see a box in bottom left corner , there type ” regedit.exe ” , you will see a pop up just click Yes.

Upgrade Faster In Clash Of Clans

  • Now you will be taken to Registry Editor here first click on the arrow icon of ”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >SOFTWARE>BLUESTACKS>GUESTS>ANDROID>FRAMEBUFFER>0″ . Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic).

Upgrade Faster In Clash Of Clans

  • Here first change the Window Height for that double click on WindowHeight option (third from bottom) and then clicking on Decimal change it to 720.
  • Now change the Window Width for that double click on WindowWidth option (last) and then clicking on Decimal change it to 860.
  • Once installed, open it and login using your account (same as that of your device). Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic).

Step 2 : Installing Clash Of Clans And Setting It Up

  • Now install clash of clans from Google Play Store for that click on search option and type Clash Of Clan.

Upgrade Faster In Clash Of Clans

Click On Search Box To Search And Install Clash Of Clans . Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic).

  • Once installed open Clash Of Clans.
  • Now sign in for your account you will be asked to install Google Play Games , install it.
  • Again sign in to your gmail account from Clash Of Clans and load up your Village.

Upgrade Faster In Clash Of Clans

Step 3 : Setting Up Clash Of Clan Bot To Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic)

  • First Download Autoit3 from here and clash of clan bot from here.
  • Once Downloaded, install Autoit3.
  • Now open “COC Bot WTFANDROID” folder and then run “MyBot.run” application.
  • Your Clash Of Clan Bot will start.

Upgrade Faster In Clash Of Clans Updated [Cheat]

  • Now config according to your attacking needs.

I hope and wish that this method did work for you to Available Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic) , if not you can contact us through our comment section or you can even ask us your doubts or suggest us anything on our Facebook page. Please don’t forget to like & share our post on Facebook , Twitter or Google Plus as it will surely help us to grow and clicking on those ads you see too as it is the main source of our income.

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Thanks For Reading Available Clash Of Clans Cheats & Hacks (Authentic).

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