Download And Install Official Arcai’s Netcut For Android

Download And Install Official Arcai’s Netcut For Android : Netcut for Windows as we all know is quite famous and you must have some idea about it already, But if you don’t know let me tell you , Netcut is a tool which lets you figure out who or which device is/are using the same Wifi network as you rather it be the Iphone,  Android, Windows Phone or Even your PC’s. Netcut for Android is basically the same as that of the Windows and does exactly same work and in my opinion is the best and one of the most powerful administrator network tool and is also very easy to operate.

Few months back I reviewed Other Netcut For Android which was not the Official one, but recently Arcai the Developer of The Famous Netcut For Windows has launched their popular product for Android. Not only this Netcut for Android cuts off other user from the same network but also protects you from other users from cutting you off the Network ie Defending you from other ARP Spoofers as they provide Built in Netcut Defender.

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Download And Install Official Arcai’s Netcut For Android

Arcai's Netcut For Android

Arcai’s Netcut For Android is the best and most trusted app when it comes to Arp Spoofing ie network handling. This app is by far the most trusted and strongest app among all the other apps rather it be on your Android Device or on Desktop PC’s. According to me this app is must have app for all the Rooted Android Device owner. Using Arcai’s Netcut for Android is very simple to use all you need is a Rooted Android Device so as to provide superuser permission to the app rest procedure is very simple and will be explained below.

How To Use Official Arcai’s Netcut For Android


  • Rooted Android device.
  • Android 2.3.3+.
  • Access to Wifi.

Download Arcai’s Netcut For Android

  • Download and install Netcut ( ROOT). 
  • Once installed open it.
  • Grant it SuperUser permission or else it won’t work.

Arcai's Netcut For Android

  • After permission is granted , let Netcut For Android read all the device using the same Wifi Network.
  • Once all the device is properly detected (takes about couple of minutes depending on how many users have access to the same Network as you) just click on the various IP’s you wanna block you can even see their device name,  you can click on few or you can cut everyones access to the internet.

Arcai's Netcut For Android

  • That’s it , once you click on the IP’s , the selected IP’s wont have the access to internet anymore until and unless they either change their IP or you resume their IP.

Features of Arcai’s Netcut For Android

  • Let’s you know about who or which device has the access to Wifi network you are using.
  • Single click to cut any devices internet access ie they will get the Wifi network bar but they won’t have the access to internet.
  • Protect your Device from other ARP spoofers.

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Thanks For Reading Download And Install Official Arcai’s Netcut For Android


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