How To Download & Install Cortana Apk For Android Right Away

Download & Install Cortana Apk For Android Right Away : Cortana is an virtual intelligent assistant developed by Microsoft just like iOS’s Siri and Android’s Google Now. Microsoft named it Cortana from their popular gaming series Halo . Cortana according to Microsoft is the Artificial Intelligent Assistant till date when compared to Google Now and Siri. Cortana is capable of doing multiple jobs like to call , find a restaurant near you , remind you of your important meetings etc.  But what sets apart Cortana from others is its getting to know you function, which further helps you to provide you precise answer to your questions.

Since Microsoft’s announcement that Cortana will be made available for both Android as well as iOS, Cortana Apk for Android has been taking a round now among Android Users and everybody is waiting for it to be launched. Although the official version is yet to announced , the Beta version of Cortana Apk For Android has been leaked which is almost stable to be used. The Beta version of Cortana Apk For Android does everything in very precise way, the answers and its work is quite accurate and the way Cortana Delivers is far better than Google Now virtual assistant. If I have to define Cortana in one line than I would say that Cortana is the better part of both Android’s Google Now and iOS’s Siri.

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Download & Install Cortana Apk For Android Right Away

Cortana Apk For Android

Well if you have been waiting for Cortana Apk For Android since the official announcement from Microsoft then you don’t have to wait any longer as the Beta version of Cortana Apk for Android has been leaked and is available for free for everyone who is running Android Ice Cream or above. Despite of being in Beta Cortana Apk For Android is fully functional and delivers everything you ask for it just like a Good Assistant but virtually and that too in just mere seconds. Although this is not the official stable release but believe me there is nothing broken and everything is stable as it should be.

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How To Download & Install Cortana Apk For Android Right Away

  •  First of all your device must be running Android Ice Cream Sandwich or above.
  • Download the Cortana Apk for Android from here and transfer it to your Device.
  • Now on your device go to settings>>security>>Unknown Sources and turn it on if it’s not already.
  • Open your File Manager on your Device and look for Cortana Apk For Android and click on it.
  • Keep tapping Next untill it gets installed.
  • Once it gets installed , open it accept the user agreement and Enter your Name.

Cortana Apk For Android

  • As soon as you enter your name you will asked to sign in through your Microsoft Account , if you don’t one then create one by tapping on Create One.
  • Now you are ready to go, Ask Cortana whatever you wish for and she will give the most precise answer.

Cortana Apk For Android

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