How To Find Lost Silent Android Phone In Your Room

Find Lost Silent Android Phone In Your Room : There is nothing more painful than losing your Phone in your house specially when its on silent mode , that hurts right. We almost feel helpless in those cases , I know this because it has happened with me and I guess it has happened to most of us and than too at various occasions we keep our device at silent mode and then completely forgets where we kept it.

So what should you do to find silent lost Android Phone , well there are couple of methods we are gonna discuss that will easily help you to find your silent Android Phone without needing you to tear your home apart which we usually does.

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Find Lost Silent Android Phone In Your Room

Find Lost Silent Android Phone

So to find lost silent Android phone you will be required to have certain Apps pre-installed because as they say precaution is better than cure but like always we are Humans who is a box full of mistakes, so if you don’t have any tracking or finding app that can help you locate your device, no worries but in this case also I hope you have the Data Connection turned on your device if not than I am sorry to say but yeah you will have to tear your House apart sorry to break it to you.

How To Find Lost Silent Android Phone In Your Room

IF you don’t have any of the tracking apps pre-installed which I guess you don’t but you do have active Data/WiFi connection than using your PC go to Google Play Store and login with the same email-id as that of your device. Once thats done you can remotely locate your device using Google’s Find My Phone Feature. But what if you don’t have active internet connection than believe the work is real hard and we are gonna discuss it in detail below.

Method 1 : Using Google Search

Find Lost Android Device

  • Your device must have the updated Google Search App if not update from here.
  • Now on your PC open your browser and open
  • In the Search box search for ” Find My Phone ” , make sure that both of your device ie the PC and the Phone both are login using the same Google ID.
  • Once you search for Find My Phone you will see the location of your Phone ( you may have to login again due to security reasons ).
  • Now here in the map you can see where exactly is your device , but if you still cant find it then you can make your Phone ring no matter if it is in silent mode , to do that click on the Ring icon , this will force your device to ring even in silent.
  • This is how you can Find lost Android Phone using Google Search.

Note : This method requires active data connection on your device.

Method 2 : Playing Real Loud Music 

Find Lost Silent Android Phone

In this method you will be required to have a speaker with which you can move around easily , I hope you do have wireless speakers. Now all you need to do is play as loud music as you can and roam with the speakers around the house, no no its not a joke and surely not some kind of prank, but I am sure you will be wondering how is playing loud music on the speaker will help you to find lost silent Android phone well my friend the answer to it is very simple have you ever noticed the irritating and annoying white noise that your speaker makes when you start to receive a call on your Android Device when its near the speaker, so in this case this exceptionally ultra annoying and irritating sound will help you to find lost silent Android phone which surely doesn’t require you to have any internet connection by any means, all you need is a wireless speaker that is playing loud music and someone who will keep calling you until you locate your device.


I hope and wish that this method did work for you to Find lost Silent Android Phone in your room, if not you can contact us through our comment section or you can even ask us your doubts or suggest us anything on our Facebook page. Please dont forget to like & share our post on Facebook , Twitter or Google Plus as it will surely help us to grow.

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