How To Fix Google Play Store Error 194

Fix Google Play Store Error 194  : Google Play Store is the hub of Downloading and Updating official Apps of Android which insures you a virus free and stable version of the Apps than any other means. Google Play Store has about A Million Apps in there basket to be downloaded and one can find almost every kind of App here rather it be Media App, Launcher, Keyboard etc. It is the easiest and most safest way to Download and Update an App.Fix Google Play Store Error 194

Sometimes user fails to download and update their App through Google Play Store due to various error of which the popular being the Google Play Store Error 927, Google Play Store Error 403, Google Play Store Error 961, Google Play Store 941 and Google Play Store 492 etc . But recently a new Google Play Store Error has come into the notice, Google Play Store Error 194 which doesn’t lets you download or update your App through Google Play Store and today we are gonna a way to Fix Google Play Store Error 194.

Fix Google Play Store Error 194

Fix Google Play Store Error 194

Google Play Store is although a brilliant way to download or update any app but its error during download or updating an App is quite annoying as these error gives the least amount of information about the particular error, all it shows is an error code which further makes these error more complicated, annoying and more difficult to fix it. Although in our earlier post we have almost covered the most common Google Play Store Errors and its Fixes, but today we are gonna Fix Google Play Store Error 194 which is quite new and most notorius in the error town on which mere restarting your Android Phone doesn’t have any effect.

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Why This Error Occurs (  Fix Google Play Store Error 194  )

Before talking about to Fix Google Play Store Error 194 let us know why this error actually occurs :-

  • Google Play Store Cache Issue.
  • Google Account Issue.
  • Google Play Store stored Data issue.

How To Fix Google Play Store Error 194

  • If you see this error and want to Fix Google Play Store Error 194, then first of all close Google Play Store.

Fix Google Play Store Error 194

  • Now go to your Phone’s Setting.
  • Then Go to Manage Apps or just Apps.

Fix Google Play Store Error 194

  • There Find Google Play Store and then click on it.

Fix Google Play Store Error 194

  • Once you are in Google Play Store Setting option, first clear cache memory by tapping on Clear Cache Button.
  • Now Click on Clear Data it will clear up any Data associated with Google Play Store including your Account Info.

Fix Google Play Store Error 194

  • Once that’s done restart your Android Device.
  • As soon as your device boots up , sync your account with Google Play Store.
  • You have now Fix Google Play Store Error 194 successfully.

I hope and wish that this method did work for you to Fix Google Play Store Error 194 , if not you can contact us through our comment section or you can even ask us your doubts or suggest us anything on our Facebook page. Please dont forget to like & share our post on Facebook , Twitter or Google Plus as it will surely help us to grow and clicking on those ads you see too as it is the main source of our income.

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Thanks For Reading How To Fix Google Play Store Error 194.

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254 thoughts on “How To Fix Google Play Store Error 194

  1. I tried every step as mention above but still this sh*t giving that (194)error

  2. “As soon as your device boots up , sync your account with Google Play Store”

    Can you elaborate and tell more clearly what that step above means, and how to do it…

    • Yeah sure, what I mean here is as soon as your device restart open up Google Play Store and then you will be asked to sign in so that your device could sync with Google Play Store Online Server

  3. If you are still getting this error try downloading Apps through WiFi with good connectivity

    • Ok I’ve done everything and I don’t use WiFi so idk how this can be fixed but I need to know immediately cause I’m gunna smash my phone lol

      • If you have tried everything then I’m sorry to say but you are among those people who will have to wait until Google releases the patch for it until then you can manually download and install your apps and here is how to do that

  4. I have also tried your instruction. The error keeps repeting. Please advice where to raise concern in google

  5. For everyone here is the updated solution to fix Google Play Store Error 194.
    After performing the above task, clear cache and clear data of Download Manager through App setting in the same manner as you did it for Google Play Store and dont forget to force stop it.Press home button
    Now go to settings>date&time > there uncheck both automatic date&time & automatic time zone option.Now set incorrect value for date and time . Now go back to your home by pressing home button restart your device.
    Once your phone starts back on go to settings>date&time >and check back both automatic date&time & automatic time zone.
    Now try updating or downloading your app.

  6. still facing same problem ido alll things reset my set create new google account date and time setting change but still same problemmm

  7. plzz give me suggestion what i do i get error 194

  8. and i download through wifi

  9. if all the above solution didn’t work for you then please wait for a while until i find out a new way to solve this error meanwhile you can download or update your apps through other ways visit here to know in detail How To Download And Install Apps Manually On Android

  10. Thanks bro! It worked. Where do you get the hang of these bug fixes and troubleshoots. Awesome!!!

  11. just create new google id and factory reset the phone after taking backup and sign in with new google id and it worked for me

  12. I tried again with every step but no result still show this error em gonna mad with error 🙁

  13. I have tried evrythng but it ain’t working…..any other suggestions ??

  14. Daniel Powell says:



    1. Create a new UserAccount om your phone!

    2. Log on to that account and download the programs you want to install on your phone.
    On the NEW ACCOUNT, programs will download, even if you get a “194 error” on your NORMAL ACCOUNT (OwnerAccount)

    3. Log back into your NORMAL ACCOUNT (owner account) and open GOOGLE PLAY STORE, and use the TopLeftMenu to select “MyApps” (or something named similar to that) and then go to see your installed apps, and at the top there should be Two Tabs, so select the rab named “ALL APPS” (or a similar sounding name) and there you will see the names of the apps you downloaded in your NEW ACCOUNT, and you can xlixk on them, and then click the install button that appears on that apps description page, and it will install it to your NORMAL ACCOUNT instantly, without re-downloading it, and that way you get whatever program you need!! Enjoy!!

    4. Use this work-around until a better fix that works for us all, comes around!!!
    Greetings to all, from AlexData ?

    • This method works… As a workaround!
      But someone with an English Language phone, please explain what menues to enter, and how to create a new user account on your Android Lollipop…
      It is quite simple, and after you make that new account, you can download anything you need, and log on to the normal account again, then revisit google play store as explained above, select the ALL tab, and find the programs you downloaded to the nee account, waiting for you in that list, and click on them, to install them… This works!!

    • Also…
      You can UPDATE any already existing apps by downloading the newest version in the NEW ACCOUNT, and when you log into the old account, it will auto-magically be updated there!!

    • Nope it didn’t work!!!

      • Try this it might help you
        Go to Settings>Apps>All>Google Play Store> Click On Uninstall Updates and Force Stop.
        Then Restart your Device.
        Let me know if this works , this method worked on my Friends Phone

  16. Hey Sumit. I have noticed that apps are being updated and installed via 3G but when I try doing it through my wifi connection the error(194) appears. My wifi connection is perfectly fine as I have tried downloading apps on my brothers phone. Only my phone faces this issue and yes, I have done everything you have asked us to do.

    • Sorry buddy couldn’t help you there as per now, let me dig up some more information about why you are Facing this error on Wifi once I find something I’ll get back to you

  17. For everyone who are facing this error try this method.
    Go to Settings>Apps>All>Google Play Store> Click On Uninstall Updates and Force Stop.
    Then Restart your Device.
    Let me know if this works , this method worked on my Friends Phone

  18. shahryar shahid says:

    Non of the above solutions is helped me.. i try all of these but the same error is occur 🙁 plx help me 🙁

    • Shahryar the Error seems to be from Google Server’s end there is nothing we could do from our end , even Factory Reset doesn’t seems to work as noticed by most of the users. Right now all I can suggest you to download or update Apps manually you can take the refrence from here

  19. Hi Sumit. The 194 is encountered using the wifi. I tried updating using my data sim & gues wat, my apps successfully updated w/o the need for the clearing or deletion/reset of acct. I think this is Denial Of Service attack because it triggered almost globally. The culprit must be determined. Iv reported my finding to Google developers & shall reinform for addtl findings

  20. I did everything u said. Then I did update with data instead of wifi. Thank u so much.

  21. Not just this app, but every app continously won’t upload because of the error. I did everything I can, cleaned my space did the exact steps above. Still hopeless. For the past 24 hours it’s been this way.

  22. Sir,
    I have tried all your suggestion to download applications from Google Play Store but still I get the error 194 on my Android phone LG E988. Have you got any new suggestions to remove this snag. Regards and awaiting an answer.

  23. Error 194 couldn’t be fixed by the above given method, any other solutions please..??

  24. It worked thank god

  25. vikas bharti says:

    i have tried all suggestions but nothing worked. there is no problem while installing small size apps (upto 500 mb) but while installing asphalt 8 or dungeon hunter it shows error 194. i am using wifi connection with high speed. i’m frustated

    • Use Cellular Data this is the only solution as per now although I’m trying my best to get a better solution for this

  26. Fahad Tarar says:

    I did every thing but still error 194 occurs. Sometimes error 924 also. I can’t use mobile data, only Wifi is available. I”m using Tab. Any other solution??? Even new ID did not worked.

  27. Thank you so much for all your help. Between all these methods I finally got mine to work. Tx

  28. Great job guys, my problem is resolved with your guidance. Keep up the good work.

  29. Thank’s for the tips
    My problem solved..

  30. Ive flashed my firmware today just because of google play error. After flashing it causes this 194 error. Is this because of flashing my rom? Or is everyone facing the problem? Please tell.

  31. Justice Mbambo says:

    Thank you Sumit Singh, this worked for my phone, continue to share man, thank you.

  32. Tnx worked for me.thanks alot

  33. I turned of Shazam’s syncing in the accounts &sync in the system app. No REBOOT no clearing anything. I just removed the syncing capabilities and then opened up play store and downloaded apps and updates again. YMMV

  34. thank u so much Sumit bro.. it worked on my qmob a50

  35. Is google doing anything about it? If so, till when the issue would be permanently resolved? Because rebooting my internet modem stops the issue, but only for a while.

  36. I am worried because before flashing the ROM my store was working just fine. But due to my noobness I HAD to flash it for some reason. And now even after flashing twice it doesn’t work. ;_;

  37. I am using rooted nokia xl since 8 months. Now i facing an error 194. I tried all above given methods. What should I do now.

  38. Thank same guy. vlw even my work in this way.

      Settings> Applications> All> Google Play Store> Click on Uninstall Updates and Stop Force.
    restart the device (and cleaned and cleaned cache data)

  39. It didnt worked…

  40. I have tried doing every trick you have mentioned on this page but none of them work. Apart from that, whenever I download and media/required file, it doesnt appear in my tablet. I have to restart my tab for getting that file. Please tell me a working solution for it please. Also my tablet has become quite slow and gradually unresponsive. Thank you Mr.Sumit.

    • Alina,Can you please tell me which tablet are you using meanwhile you can try downloading apps through Cellular Data Connection

      • Sumit, its Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. And can you also tell me why am I having trouble with my downloads. Every time I download something I have to restart my tablet to view it. It doesn’t appear where its supposed to be? Does my tab have a virus?

        • Alina its hard to guess why are you facing this issue although I might suggest you to do a factory reset, but before doing that do make sure to get a backup of your apps, contacts and messages. If you need any assistance for that do let me know

  41. Worked a treat for me LG G2

    thank you for the advice

  42. I am fed of this!!!! When is Google going to resolve this??? I use only WiFi connection…

  43. Hurrah! It really worked successfully. . Thanks for your help…. 🙂

  44. Deborah Taylor says:

    nothing works.. cleared cashe data..still wont download… trying to grt Iheart radio…sigh…its for mt little girl woth Down syndrome.. I can’t download any of the kids things either so she can try to play…

  45. Emmanuel (Samsung Galaxy s6) says:

    I tried everything and nothing worked.

    What I finally did was to reverse all the background data restrictions I placed on ‘ALL’ apps. After doing this, it allows me to download apps via mobile data. Previously it only allowed me to download apps via wifi for some reason….

    Hope this helps someone.

  46. chirag sanghani says:

    it really worked. after clearing the cache memory i just checked the update once again without restarting my android device. And it downloaded the update successfully. Thank you for the solution.

  47. Hello Sumit, I dont have a sd card in My Tablet. But you recommended me to do a factory reset for Error 194, but I want to keep my pictures, my music and other downloads safe. So even if I do arrange a sd card how do I shift my entire download and picture data on it? Help please, and what guarantee is there that unlike every other method this will work? None of the above worked.

    • Alina don’t do factory reset just for error 194 if you have any other issue with your device then you may seek to factory reset your device and here is how you can create a proper backup if you ever wanted to do a factory reset.

  48. Sumit, this is Alina again. Well despite following all the methods error 194 hasnt gone away. You recommended a factory reset. But I didnt have a SD card, so my pictures, my music and every download is on my tabs built in memory. How may I shift my media files, download files and photos on SD?and what other things do I need to do to keep my Application Data safe? My tablet in Galaxy Tab 3. Thanks.

  49. I manually downloaded instagram &it worked but then i tried doing the same for spinrilla but this time it sends the 194 error & the downloading freezes….can you help?

  50. &I tried all the methods

  51. Thank you so much for your help!!!!
    All the way from Philippines!!!!

  52. Hi. If i factory reset my mobile, then this 194 errore will be appear??

    • No don’t do that I wouldn’t recommended that at all as you will lose all your data, in place try uninstalling Google Play Store Update, to do that go to settings>apps>all>google play store>uninstall updates. This method has worked for others. So give it a try

  53. Hi try all what I saw here still no help until I turn of 2 step verification

  54. Unfortunately I could not solve the problem using the tips given here, so the error 194 remains. Anyway, thank you very much for your efforts to help users. (Asus Zenfone 5 – Android 5.0 – Brazil)

    • @Sumit Singh, I solved my problem disabling the “battery-draining apps” function in the Android. (Zenfone 5, Android 5). =)

  55. Thank you! Your process worked.

  56. thanks a lot, it worked :).

  57. go to setting> data usage and find media. click media and uncheck

  58. I tried the steps above, but I had no luck. I then went to my apps clicked on my Google Play Store and clicked uninstall update, and now it works again

  59. I have LG G3 phone and I have tried every solution that you gave…..but nothing is working….neither it’s updating nor it’s downloading any app….What do I do now? Need help ASAP!!

    • Try uninstalling Google Play Store Update, to do that go to settings>apps>all>google play store>uninstall updates. This method has worked for others. If you have tried this already then you must try this one .

  60. It worked!!

  61. Hi, thanks for the help. I had to uninstall my updates in my Google play store, before mine would work.

  62. When I reboot and return I do not see sync for Google Play Store. Sync available only for Google Play Store Book. Please guide on this. Thanks.

  63. I have that problem too, I did Factory Reset but the problem remains, I had try everything and the problem remains, I don’t know what else I can do :/ I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASEEEE

    • Have you tried uninstalling Google Play Store’s update to do that go to Settings>Apps>All>Go­­ogle Play Store, there click on uninstall updates.

  64. I am having the 194 error issue already 2 weeks i even made a hard reset but still not working please help

    • Try uninstalling Google Play Store’s update to do that go to Settings>Apps>All>Go­­ogle Play Store, there click on uninstall updates.

  65. I have tried everything! First, I tried clearing all the data and cache, also I removed my google account, I reboot my celphone after every process. I uninstalled updates and nothing worked.

  66. Restart* sorry, not reboot but restart

  67. It worked! Thank you 🙂

  68. Tried clearing the cache and even unchecking auto-update of time zone etc. but nothing worked so I downloaded an app called Aptoide from which basically is something like Google Play and updated the apps on my phone successfully from there. Just need to tweak the phone permissions a bit to ‘allow installations from unknown sources’ but I didn’t have any issues. Its a safe app.

  69. I have observed that this issue also belong to the internet connectivity. As i saw when device connected to 3G it works and also on some other wifi.
    Take a look this side. Its Possible to be diagnosed.

    • Thanks for your information I really appreciate that but if you read the earlier comments you will find out that I have pointed out this already.

      • Yes i read. But turning ON the cellular data connection is not appropriate solution. There should be solution so that it can work anywhere by wifi or data connection.


  70. Thanks buddy…. unistalling playstore updates then clearing cache and data worked for me….

  71. Dear Sumit,
    i have downloading problem like 194,403 error,i read yr method about 194 still not working

    • Try uninstalling Google Play Store’s update to do that go to Settings>Apps>All>Go­­ogle Play Store, there click on uninstall updates.

  72. Thank you so much from Mexico!!! Uninstalling updates on play store did the trick!

  73. This helped a lot it actually worked tx

  74. schallim reuben says:

    Thank you. Worked on my device 🙂

  75. 194 problem solved….now 927 has been occured….

  76. I tried your given method of uninstall( Google play store updates) and it worked but only 2 day now there is no any error 194 shown but app is also not being downloading. Kindly resolve this issue.

  77. Thank u somch sumit,it worked for me…..thanks for the help 😉

  78. Thank you! Helped me a lot

  79. After uninstalling google play updates .. apps are not downloading ..

    • Zuna after uninstalling the updates restart your device and then open Google Play Store and then wait for a while and your apps will start downloading

  80. I’m facing 194 error problem, n I done wid cache n data cleared then sync account.. Bt still error not yet cleared I’m not able to update n download any app..

  81. I’m facing 194 errproblem.. Even I done with cache n data cleared

  82. Lynemar Sanchez says:

    It worked just fine when i did what you instructed thank you

  83. Update on Fix For Google Play Store Error 194
    1. Download Google Play Store apk file from here.
    2. Now to install this first of all Go to Settings>Security>Turn Unknown Sources On.
    3. Once that’s done, to install just click on the Google Play Store apk you just downloaded.
    4. Most likely your error has been fixed.

  84. Sergei Astratov says:

    Thank you very much!!! Worked for me. Just make sure you follow these steps in order,that’s all


    hi sumit may get your number plz so that I could talk with directly to fix my problem.

    i would be thankful for your kind feedback.

  86. I tried to correct problem with error 194. I completed exactly the way you said to and it didnt work. Still having same issue and unable to downliad anything on my phone. Please help………

  87. I try evry step but now when I try to download it .. It says this item is not available in your country …. any help pls

  88. Hello Singh, I just bumped into this site in search of understanding why I keep having error 194 each time I try to download instamessage. I followed some of your tips but funny enough, I got another error 495. What could be the probs and any help?

  89. This article is very helpfull. Thanks.

  90. I tried all the steps but still error 194 occurs! !!!!!!!!

  91. This article is very helpfull…worked for me

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