Google Inbox For Android Complete And Updated Review

Google Inbox For Android Complete And Updated Review


Google Inbox / Inbox For Android

Google Inbox / Inbox By Google

Google’s Gmail is an common app which could be found on almost each and every phone. Although this app is beautiful and with its new update(Material Design) it has even got minimalistic design but this app isn’t perfect and lacks features which is needed . Google has looked into this matter and has launched the newest and by far the Greatest E-mail App of all times Google Inbox For Android or rather say Inbox By Google.

“Your email inbox should help you live and work better, but instead it often buries the important stuff and creates more stress than it relieves. Inbox, built by the Gmail team, keeps things organized and helps you get back to what matters”

Google Inbox For Android delivers everything which was earlier missing rather it be Setting Reminders or even Snoozing E-mails so that it could be read whenever you are ready to attend them. This app is the future of E-mail Apps and it will surely bring up the change which was needed.

Here is the Detailed review of Google Inbox For Android.

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Details Of Google Inbox For Android

Features Of Google Inbox

  • Organizes Your E-mails Automatically:  Google’s Inbox app automatically inspects your mails and categorizes them into various unique but well defined categories and which are Travel, Promos, Social, Forums, Finance and Purchases. 
Google Inbox For Android

Organize Your E-mails

  • Highlights Your E-mails Smartly: Google smartly reads your mails and Highlights important information such as images , attached documents etc making it easy for you to read.
Google Inbox For Android

Highlights Your Mails

  • Set Remainders: Now you can even set important Remainders so that the inbox app returns with what you need and when you need.
  • Snooze your E-mails: Like never before You can now choose to snooze your E-mails and set Remainders to later when you are ready to cover them up no matter a week later or when you reach your home.
Google Inbox For Android

Snooze Your E-Mails To Read Them Later Whenever You WIsh

  • Search And Get Exactly What You Need : Just don’t wanna dig up anymore in the various E-mails you have about someones address , anniversary dates etc well dont worry anymore as Google Inbox helps you get these information without having to read various e-mails .
Google Inbox For Android

Makes It Easier For You To Search

How To Install/Get Google Inbox

Currently Google Inbox is invite only and so to use it you have to get invite from Google. To get an invite and use it on Android just proceed as follows :-

  • Send an E-mail to using your personal and primary Gmail address.
  • Once you get the invite , Download Google Inbox.
  • Once installed open it up.
  • Sign In with your Gmail Id at which you have got the invite.


Ask your friend who has got the invite already since he or she gets there invites to share up.


Google Inbox has everything what one can think of and has ever wanted, Google Inbox has all the up to date features . With Google Inbox, Google has proved why it is the most prestigious company and why everybody looks upto Google.

It is the must have app in day to day life until and unless you are some kind of a person who doesn’t want to try the most perfect thing you can get and which is almost futuristic.

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