Google Nexus 6 Features And Overview

Google Nexus 6 Features And Overview

Here comes the much awaited phone The Google Nexus 6 , the phone we all were waiting for is finally launched with an awesome specification.  This year Google took a different path for launching their phone , unlike every year this year the device was launched not through any Press Event but through Online Press Release which is quite an interesting turn taken by the Giant Search Engine.The device is not yet open for sale but could be preordered through Playstore and that too in US right now but Google promised that in a week or two it will be launched in 28 other countries as well. Let’s now look at Google Nexus 6 Features .

nexus 66

Google Nexus 6 Hardware

This year Google has moved from LG to Motorola for the manufacture of the device. Google Nexus 6 somewhat resembles to Moto X in look and feel with curved back , aluminium trim and dimpled Motorola branding on the rear .

Google Nexus 6 has 6 inch display , 5.96 inches to be precise , the display is Quad HD which make it in the same league to that of LG G3 and SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4. The resolution of the display is 493 ppi which is quite awesome . The device is overall 6.27 inch tall and 3.27 inch wide and 0.4 inch which makes it quite big which according to me will get a mix response, some will like it while others won’t but still it is to be seen.

Inside Google Nexus 6 is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.7 GHz with Adreno 420 GPU which will surely insure the device to play all the hefty games and run all the Apps to be played with no issues whatsoever. The device is equipped with 3 GB of RAM and has dual front facing speaker grills insuring a powerful sound output much like that of the MOTO X.  The device will come with 3220 mAh battery which according to Google will surely last for a full day with normal usage.

Google Nexus 6 Camera

Google Nexus 6 comes with 13 megapixels camera with dual LED flash which encircles the entire rear camera lens and optical lens stabilisation and it has 2 megapixels front facing camera to let you take beautiful selfies .

Google Nexus 6 Pricing

Google Nexus 6 will be launched in two variant 32GB and 64GB priced at $649 (Rs 40k approx) and $699(Rs 43000 approx) which according to me is a good price seeing the hardware and features that we get with this device.

Overview ( Google Nexus 6 )

This time Google has done something different with the launch process and has also moved from once mid class hardware approach to the markets top tier level hardware which is also reflected in the pricing of the device making it somewhat costly .

With this awesome and greatest approach and giving Google ‘s flagship device a new face it is yet to be seen how this device perform in the market in the future.

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