How To Bypass Cyberoam On Android Easily

How To Bypass Cyberoam On Android Easily

Cyberoam Bypassed ( How To Bypass Cyberoam On Android )

The most used network security service of the world .

Cyberoam Technologies is a global Network Security provider.  It is currently spanning more than 125 countries. It is basically a firewall which doesn’t allow users to access blocked sites . It is usually used at work places , Colleges , School etc. It is a 8 layered network security which is very hard to crack but is not impossible to bypass. So today we will look forward on How to Bypass Cyberoam On Android.Here is the step by step guide for How to Bypass Cyberoam On Android for Rooted as well as Non Rooted Android Users.

For Rooted Android Users ( How to Bypass Cyberoam On Android )

  • Download Orbot from Playstore .
  • Let it download and install from Playstore.
  • Once installed open it.
  • It will ask for SuperUser permission grant it.
  • Once SuperUser permission is granted , turn on Orbot by simply holding on/off icon for few seconds
  • Once the Orbot is turned on you will see a pop up like you are now protected by Orbot.
  • That’s it , now you can use any app or any website you desire without worrying about Cyberoam.

For Non Rooted Android Users ( How to Bypass Cyberoam On Android )

For Non Rooted Android Users one has to depend upon VPN Connections which is although secure but isn’t as fast as Orbot . It decreases the speed by almost 1/10 which is a lot but still you can serve which is better than having nothing. To use VPN Connections you have to first set it up which is kind of tricky but there is nothing to worry about as I’ll guide you through it.

So here is the Step By Step Guide To Set VPN Connection On Your Android. 

  • On your Android go to settings .
  • Then click on more settings under wireless settings.
  • Once there select VPN.
  • Click on Add VPN Connections.
  • Once there you now have to give name , type and server address of the VPN you are using . Here is the list of most trusted VPN Connections providing sites.
  • The VPN sites provided here are not the only ones there are plenty of VPN Connections providing sites all you need to do is search.

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