How To Change IMEI Number Easily On Android 100% Working

How To Change IMEI Number Easily On Android

How to change imei number

Well the question here is  Can You Change A IMEI Number , if no then How To Change IMEI Number . You folks know that changing an IMEI number or if more precisely said restoring the lost IMEI number which could be lost due to many reason of which one being the common factory reset (it is very common in Mediatek Chipset) ,is surely not an easy task .

So today we will help you to regain your lost IMEI Number for which earlier you have to pay quite lot of money . But I should warn you here that although regaining your lost IMEI Number is not an illegal thing but changing someone else’s is surely is and in that case I take no responsibility if any legal harm comes to you .

So to answer what has been asked at the starting of this post Can You Change IMEI Number or How To Change IMEI Number On Android , let’s move ahead . Here is the step by step guide on How To Change IMEI Number on Android with different Chipset.

How To Change IMEI Number On Android With Mediatek Chipset 

  • Open your Dialer
  • Type *#*#3646633#*#*.
  • Click to Call.
  • You will from there be taken to ENGINEERING MODE OPTION.

How to change IMEI number

  • Now in that , select CDS INFORMATION.

How to change IMEI number

  • engineering mode-  - How to change IMEI numberIf you have single sim or you just want to replace just single sim’s IMEI Number enter this code in the provided area (as shown in the pic).


How to change IMEI number

  • Just replace this XXXXXXXX….. with your IMEI Number .
  • If you have dual sim device and you wanna change IMEI Number of both this sim then after entering the above code enter this one.


  • Now again replace all this X with your other IMEI Number.
  • Once done restart your device and then dial *#06# and see for yourself you have regained your once lost IMEI Number.

So,  Can You Change A IMEI Number well I guess now you can on the Mediatek device.

How To Change IMEI Number On Android With Other Chipset


Once you get them ,extract them on your PC and proceed as follows.

  • Now make sure your device has USB DEBUGGING Mode ON, if you don’t know how to do it then first go to SETTINGS>>ABOUT PHONE>>TAP ON BUILD NUMBER 7 TIMES> >GO BACK TO SETTINGS>> SELECT DEVELOPER OPTION>> TURN ON USB DEBUGGING.
  • Now connect your device , also make sure you have your device driver installed else this method wont work.
  • Run XVI32.exe with administrator privileges.

xvi32 - How to change IMEI number

  • Once XVI32 is open click on the File option in the toolbar and click OPEN to open emulator-arm.exe from C:\Programmi (x 86) \Android\android-sdk\tools.
  • Now once you opened emulator-arm.exe press CTRL+F on your keyboard and then search CGSN .
  • Once CGSN is opened you can now change your devices IMEI Number by simply clicking on first zero which is shown on the left side of the screen and then entering new values from the right side. For reference see the image below.

cfgs-  - How to change IMEI number

  • Disconnect your device and restart it.
  • Dial *#06# and check for yourself .

Can You Change A IMEI Number now?

NOTE: This method is only intended to get your devices IMEI Number back . This method is not intended to use on any theft or stolen devices as this is totally illegal. Moreover use this method at your own risk as this may damage your device .

So this is it for the article How To Change IMEI Number On Android If you have any queries or suggestion do let us know through your comments below and we will surely get back to you.

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17 thoughts on “How To Change IMEI Number Easily On Android 100% Working

  1. Hello Sumit Doesd Your method work on Sony xperia SP ??? Thank You for answer from Europe

  2. hi, is this trick work on samsung note 2?

  3. Hi,
    Lost my imei in samsung galaxy nexus, while trying to unlock the carrier.
    I havent backed up anything.
    Can you help?

  4. How can I unlock the carrier on a samsung s5230 so that I can use any carrier.

  5. Hi,

    I’ve tried the “other Chipset’ method on a Samsung Galaxy Alpha running Lollipop 5.0.2 however it does not work. I followed the instructions but after rebooting the IMEI does not change.

    Can you advise what method is supported for this handset and where i may be going wrong?

  6. Cruz Lopez Jr. says:

    Any idea on how to do this for the Note edge?

  7. Matei Alexandru says:

    Hi Sumit,
    I lost my Nexus-4 IMEI after flashing a rom. Now when i dial *#06# imei is totaly empty. I have the stock IMEI on the box but method 2 didn’t seem to work. please help.

  8. Hi, i lost my IMEI and don’t have backup from EFS folder, this trick works on galaxy s3 I9300? Ty.

  9. Hello sumit does this tricks work on Samsung j5 prime…

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