How To Hack Whatsapp Chat On Android Easily 100% Working Method

How To Hack Whatsapp Chat On Android Easily

Whatsapp as we all know today is quite popular and is now used by almost everyone. It is used by almost 600 million people worldwide (quite awesome). As the number goes and as you guys are reading this article it is quite obvious that people around you uses this software and that too quite often. Well to be straight this article is not intended for anyone to spy or look into someone’s privacy , the whole sole purpose of this article is education and to let you guys know something like this exist and more importantly to prevent you from threats like this to happen with you.  So again this article How To Hack Whatsapp Chat is an education article only.

How To Hack Whatsapp Chat On Android Easily 100% Working Method

So today we will look forward on How To Hack Whatsapp Chat On Android For Rooted As Well As Non Rooted Users. 

How To Hack Whatsapp Chat For Rooted Users : –


Once you have this Prerequisite full filled and Whatsapp Sniffer downloaded and installed over your phone , open the app ie Whatsapp Sniffer. Once you are in the app ,its quite easy to operate . But do keep in mind this app only works on devices which are using the same Wifi Network if not this app wont work as this app uses TCPDump Programme which reads all Packets received over Wifi and then filters whatsapp servers packets and show it in easy dramatic readable format. This app doesn’t work against Blackberry devices as it uses its own servers to communicate, for everyone else it works smoothly.

whatsapp sniffer

How To Hack Whatsapp chat For Non Rooted Users : –


Whatsapp Xtract is amazing tool to have and is very easy to operate . This awesome tool is developed by the XDA Developer ZTEDD. This tool is very easy to operate , to Hack someones whatsapp or to read their chat all you need to do is get hold of their whatsapp backup once you get it all you need to do is use this awesome tool. Here is how to get the backup of Whatsapp chat over to your phone.

On Android ( How To Hack Whatsapp Chat )

  • Bluetooth or copy the whatsapp folder from the device of which you want to read the chat.
  • Once you get it ,transfer this files to the same folder where you extracted the Whatsapp Xtract on your desktop/laptop.
  • Now download whatsapp backup extractor from here .
  • Now run Install pyCrypto.bat ( available in the extracted zip file and remember to run it as Administrator) .
  • Now run whatsapp_xtract_android.bat or whatsapp_xtract_android_crypted.bat again from the extracted folder of Whatsapp Xtract Tool.
  • Once done properly the whatsapp chats will be shown on the your browser.

On Iphone ( How To Hack Whatsapp Chat )

  • You need to get this  filenet.whatsapp.WhatsApp/Documents/ChatStorage.sqlite and to get this file you will need Iphone Backup Extractor and do make sure to make an un-encrypted backup with itunes since the tool is useless with encrypted data’s.
  • Once you have the file the rest procedure is the same as of Android.

Note:  This article How To Hack Whatsapp Chat is only intended for education purpose and is not engaged or destined to harm anybody’s privacy. By This article How To Hack Whatsapp Chat I would like to draw everybody’s attention on how easy it is to Hack Whatsapp Chat, so beware of using Whatsapp over public Wifi as it may get your privacy hacked .

So that’s it for the article How To Hack Whatsapp Chat if you have any queries or suggestion do let us know through your comments below and we will surely get back to you.

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Thanks for reading. Peace 🙂

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13 thoughts on “How To Hack Whatsapp Chat On Android Easily 100% Working Method

  1. can you help me in hacking whats app

  2. Can one hack Whatsapp messages of another using Whatsapp sniffer if both are on the same network?. What other app is used and how to obtain it without a virus??

  3. Hello summit it is possible to hack someone’s whatsapp chat history with imei even tho they disabled all backup on their device need your reply because my friend is so scared because someone thread him that i have hacked your all whatsapp through the imei number!!

    • NO don’t worry, WhatsApp is now very secured as every message is either stored on your device or your Google Drive (for Google Drive you have to provide additional permission). So yeah answering your question no the hacker cant hack it.

  4. HI I need help ?

    My wife is cheating me on but i know her gmail and google drive passwords
    in google drive i seen her whats app backup so i want to open that backup but how it is possible ……?Reply me

    • sorry to say but this trick wont work anymore, the reason being that all the whatsapp messages are now end to end (device to device) encrypted

  5. Prince Nithin says:

    is this possible to hack someone’s whatsapp account by using Rooted mobile?

  6. Hello Sumit Singh sir,
    I have already installed Whatsapp Sniffer on my Android Phone. But I can not know how to work it. If have you any video tutorial in Hindi? Please share it on your blog. I will come again for my answer. Wish your good luck. Thank you for nice whatsapp hacking writing.

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