How To Prevent Overheating Of Android Device With 5 Simple Steps

Prevent Overheating Of Android Device With 5 Simple Steps : Every Android Device has a tendency to heat its just matter of fact how heated it can get. On an average most of the device gets heated up while playing high end games or watching high resolution movies or continuously using internet over 3G/4G for playing games or watching videos.Sometimes old battery is also the reason of your Android Device to get overheated. All these factors contribute in overheating of Android Device.

So as I said earlier every Android Device gets heated up but a time comes when the device gets so much hested that you barely could use to call someone, at times Android Device touches temp. of somewhat about 54-58 deg. Celsius which if you ask me is pretty damn much. But this can be controlled by taking up certain measures which we are going to discuss further.

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Prevent Overheating Of Android Device With 5 Simple Steps

Overheating Of Android Device

First of all we have to agree on the fact that we have became very obsessed about our SmartPhone Devices,  every work of our is directly or indirectly done with the help of these Devices which earlier was done with the help of Laptop or Desktop PC’s whose size is comparatively much larger to these Devices. So it is quite obvious that these devices are tend to get heated up quite easily. But Overheating of Android Device can be prevented by following certain steps and taking certain measures.

How To Prevent Overheating Of Android Device With 5 Simple Steps

Step 1 : Uninstall All Unnecessary Apps 

Although you might not see a point here but lots of Apps on your device means heating, as Apps on Android keeps running in background and some apps continuously collects the data and sends it over to the server for bugs and App development which requires data connection and hence overheating of Android Device. So to ignore this condition you should always keep only those Apps and Games which you use or play respectively as this will also help you in saving your Battery.

Step 2 : Avoid Excessive Game Playing

Playing game is yet another reason of overheating of your device specially the high end games as they need lot of juice and resources for optimum performance and unlike your Desktop Computers and Laptops your device doesn’t comes up with any cooling fan so playing high end Games should be minimized to as much as possible to avoid overheating of Android Device.

Step 3 : Avoid Excessive Online Streaming

Similar to high end Games continuous online streaming for long hours has impact on your device as these too requires lots of resources for optimum playing , as your smartphone requires Data connection like 2G/3G/4G/WiFi for online streaming hence double effort is done for the single letting overheating of Android Device. So online streaming should be avoided as much as possible.

Step 4 : Set Network Mode To GSM/2G

For better battery life and less heating of your device you should avoid being always connected to 3G/WCDMA Network or 4G/LTE Network as these network have very low connectivity or rather say signal strength over the old 2G/GSM Network . So at places where the strength of WCDMA or LTE connection is not optimum you should prefer being on GSM network to avoid overheating of Android Device,

Step 5 : Replacing Old Battery With New One

Old battery is also the reason of your device getting overheated as every Battery on the Smartphone device has the life of about 500 charging cycles after which it loses its efficiency and hence easily gets overheated time to time, so it is recommended that you get your device’s Battery Change within 1-1.5 yrs to avoid overheating of Android Device.

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