How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage Consumption In Few Steps

Reduce Mobile Data Usage Consumption On Your Device : Smart Phones or Tablets aren’t smart enough without Data Connectivity or rather say without Internet Connection and always being on Home/School/College/Office wifi is not an option since you can’t carry this all along, in which case it is mandatory to have the Data Connection on your device.These Data are consumed much faster then we assume due to plenty of reasons which many of us hardly notice until we are left with absolutely no allowed Data Usage and hence paying extra bucks for further usage.

But what if i told there is a way to Save Mobile Data or Reduce Mobile Data Usage consumption on your device and that too by almost 50%. Yeah you heard me right there is a way to Save Mobile Data and believe me that doesn’t include getting your phone Rooted or requiring any out of the world science knowledge, what it actually requires you to do is perform few but very simple steps on your device to Reduce Data Consumption on your device.

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Reduce Mobile Data Usage Consumption On Your Device

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The following steps to Save Mobile Data may vary with device to device and how one uses its device although it has been seen people using these few steps have reduced their data consumption by almost 40-50% and it has also helped them to save there battery power , so lets move ahead and see how to Reduce Mobile Data Usage Consumption on your device.

How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage Consumption In Few Steps

Step 1 : Compress Chrome Pages By Using Data Saver

Reduce Mobile Data Usage

Chrome Browser for Android has an inbuilt feature that lets user to save mobile data which is quite effective , to activate this Open Chrome Browser on your device and the open Menu Option and then head on to Chrome Settings, there at the bottom (second last) you will see Data Saver option just tap on it and then turn it on , this will help reduce mobile data usage consumption on your device when ever you use Chrome Browser for Browsing.

Step 2 : Restrict Background Data To Save Mobile Data 

Reduce Mobile Data Usage

Background process uses lots and lots of data without even notifying you, it has been seen that sometimes background data uses almost a GB or more than that of the Data within a week of time which quite disturbing. Well to resolve this issue Android Developer has put an option to restrict these Background Data usage. To turn these on Go to your device Settings and then search for Data Usage , once in data usage tap on menu option and then click on Restrict Background Data, this will help you to Reduce Mobile Data Usage Consumption .

Step 3 : Install Opera Max Browser 

Reduce Mobile Data Usage

Opera Max Browser is just not a simple Browser , it has capability for data management which means that it helps you to save mobile data and hence extending it to be used for longer period of time. What Opera Max does is connect you to its server and then compresses the site you want to visit before allowing it to pop up on your device ,along with this it also has a feature to block apps from using the Data creating a Firewall , what makes this Browser more interesting is that it is completely free and you can grab it from here.

Step 4 : Replace Facebook Official With Tinfoill For Facebook App

Reduce Mobile Data Usage

Official Facebook App is like a hungry shark for Data , on a daily basis it eats about hundreds of MB of Data, to save yourself from these I would recommend you to replace it with Tinfoil For Facebook App this app not only helps you to save mobile data but also protects your privacy completely from others who tries to track you. You can get this App from here.

I hope and wish that this method did work for you to Reduce Mobile Data Usage Consumption on your Device/ Save Mobile Data, if not you can contact us through our comment section or you can even ask us your doubts or suggest us anything on our Facebook page. Please dont forget to like & share our post on Facebook , Twitter or Google Plus as it will surely help us to grow.

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