How To Shoot Time Lapse Video On Your Device

Shoot Time Lapse Video On Your Device : Shooting Time Lapse Video is always fun , I personally like the way how one can change the time speed. For those who have no idea What Time Lapse Video is ? Time Lapse is a technique of recording video through which you can increase the rate of the film when viewed in other words we can say that in Time Lapse Video Recording the film/image is taken lets say for about each second and then it is converted to be played at 30 FPS or 60 FPS in which way the speed of the film/image has been increased by 30 or 60 times the Normal Speed .

Nowadays Time Lapse Feature has already been provided as a default feature in certain devices Camera App such as in Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and certain other devices too but not all the other devices have this feature specially the one running pure Stock Android like that in Nexus Devices, the Stock Android Camera doesn’t have this feature but there are ton of third party apps that we can use for Time Lapse Video Recording.

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Shoot Time Lapse Video On Your Device

Time Lapse Video

To Shoot Time Lapse Video on Nexus Devices or Devices which doesn’t have Time Lapse Video recording feature you will be require to take help from Third Party App from Google PlayStore. There are plenty of Apps through which you can easily record Time Lapse Video and here I’ll just show you how to do it and which App should you prefer for Time Lapse Video recording.

How To Shoot Time Lapse Video On Your Device

App 1 : Lapse It-Time Lapse Camera :- The Best

Time Lapse Video

As the name suggest it is simple, fast and very instinctive . This App is simply the best and perfect for recording Time Lapse Video on your device. This App lets you import the existing video of your device or lets you capture a new video from the scratch. It also has Manual Controls for White Balancing, Focus, Exposure and Scene Mode. There are tons of filters to choose from which can enhance and change the way your video looks and feels. To Grab this App for yourself go here.

App 2 : Framelapse – Time Lapse Camera :- For Freemium App User

Time Lapse Video

Framelapse is one of the best Time Lapse Video recording App when it comes to be getting at free of cost with no ads none at all . Apart from being free it also has certain unique features like Self Timer, Frame Interval, Zoom and AutoFocus feature , Front And Back Camera support and lot more ( although some of this feature are available in in-app purchase) . To get it for yourself install it from here.

App 3 : Overlapse -Timelapse Made Easy :- One For The Future

Time Lapse Video

Overlapse -Timelapse Made Easy, is an app for those who have very long term scenario in their mind lets say atleast for about more than a month or so. What this app actually does is lets you take the image of particular Object or thing at any time manually for days, weeks, months or even years and then compile it all together giving you the best Time Lapse Video possible. This app also provides the proper alignment for the image you capture in accordance to the previous image you took so that you never go wrong and get the best possible time lapse video. To get this app head here .

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