How To Increase RAM On Android Device : An Easy And Infallible Guide

Increase RAM On Android Device : These days the major concern among Android users is the lack of optimum RAM on their Android Device. Android OS is a RAM hungry OS which needs RAM to carry out its TASK flawlessly, although the Android Smartphones we buy today comes with optimal RAM Space like 2GB but not every device comes with 2GB of RAM space, the mid-range device are loaded with 1 GB of RAM space only which fails to fulfil the DEMAND to run task or rather say to Run Apps flawlessly. RAM is the main reason of your Android Device’s Lagging problem.

Playing High End Games or running heavy Apps require lot of RAM which if your Android Device doesn’t have will eventually result in lagging or even crashing at most of the times. Well to solve this problem we are gonna learn a method to increase RAM on Android Device which doesn’t require you to buy a new Device.

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Increase RAM On Android Device : An Easy And Infallible Guide

Increase RAM On Android Device

Unlike your Desktop PC or your Laptop you just can’t swap in a new RAM, to increase Ram on Android Device requires you to do it manually with help of Apps which is totally free to use. This App will help you to increase Ram on Android Device so that you don’t face any lag or crashing of App issue . This method has been used and tested on various device and has proved to be working flawlessly and users have experienced a much better use of their device.


  • Your Android Device Must be 1.6 and Up.
  • Your Android Device must be Rooted.
  • Your SD-Card must be of Class 4 or above.

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How To Increase RAM On Android Device

  • First of all you have to insure that your Device supports increase of RAM to do that install Memory Info and Swap File Check.
  • Once that’s installed open up the App and grant it the Root Access, click on the ” Start RAMEXPANDER Test Here”.

Increase RAM On Android Device

  • If you get the ” Congratulation ” notification then this means your Device is compatible to increase RAM.
  • Now once that’s done download the Apk from here for free or you can download the paid version from Google Play Store and support the Developers.
  • Once your App is installed open it and Grant it Root Access and Choose your Language.

Increase RAM On Android Device

  • Now Tap on”Optimal Value”option this will  insure the best settings for your Device.
  • Now Click on”Autorun”and finally click on”SwapActiv”.

Increase RAM On Android Device

  • Now you will notice that your RAM has increased and your device is performing better than before.

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