How to Install Incompatible Apps on Your Android Device

How to Install Incompatible Apps on Your Android Device:Google Play store has over one million apps but it is not necessary that your android device will run all the apps because many of them are restricted to certain device,brands and the most important your device specifications.

It will not be a big issue if you are using a latest android device with high end specs but users with low end spec can face  this problem and most of the apps will be incompatible.You can Install Incompatible Apps on Your Android Device by following this tutorial.

Note:- For following this tutorial you need to root your android device and ES File Explorer installed on your device.

Install Incompatible Apps on Your Android Device

This process includes editing your build.prop file and doing so will trick Google Play Store thinking that you are using a different device.Be cautious while editing this file as any wrong step may cause serious problem to your device.

  • Open ES File Explorer and head to Settings and enable Root Explorer and mount File System options.
  • Go to system/ directory on your device and search the build.prop file.
  • Before editing this file make a copy of it and paste it somewhere else.
  • Long press on the file and select it to open as text and select ES Note Editor app.
  • Look for ro.product.model and ro.product.manufacturer.
  • Change these lines to any other model name.For example for imitating your device to Nexus S do the following

ro.product.model = Nexus S

ro.product.manufacturer = samsung

  • Now save this file with the changes as it is.
  • Now go to Settings/Apps/Manage Applications and tap on all category select Google Play Store app and clear it’s cache and data.

After restarting your Device you will be able to Install Incompatible Apps on Your Android Device.

Alternate Method

This is an alternate method to Install Incompatible Apps on Your Android Device.The following method requires a use of PC

Step 1:-Install Java

Mostly Computers have java pre-installed in them but some don’t.To install java click here and download the file.

Step 2:-Install Raccoon

Download and install Raccoon,it is available for free.You will have to enter your Google ID and Password.

Step 3:-Download Applications APKs

When you have installed Raccoon open it,it has a quite simple layout.enter the name of the app into the search area which you want and click download.The downloaded file can be found in the Raccoon folder.Let the download finish and then you can transfer the apk file from your PC to Android device (Make sure to enable Unknown Sources).

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