How To Run PlayStation Games On Android : A Complete Guide

How To Run PlayStation Games On Android : How To Run PlayStation Games On Android :: There was a time when we all used to play PlayStation 1 or PSX games and we all loved it but as time prevailed games of those generation and even these devices got obsolete and new generation devices took place. But we surely can’t forget the fact that some games of those generation games were simply brilliant and we still talk about it.

But you don’t have to worry about it anymore as your Android Device is quite capable of running these games flawlessly without much of a hustle. Today I will tell you the complete step by step procedure to play PlayStation or PSX Games on Android.

How To Run PlayStation Games On Android

To run playstation games on android ,You need to download an emulator like FPSE or PPSE ,these emulators are needed in order to convert the PS version of the game to support it for the android firmware .There are certain files that are needed to run these games like Bin file ,Rom files and app.Then controls are set and optimizing the video resolution .Then the game is loaded from the selected path and game automatically creates the cache .

Run PlayStation Games On Android


Prerequisite (Run PlayStation Games On Android)

  • Android device with Android 2.1 or above.
  • A PlayStation game ROM  I’ll provide you with some of the game link at the bottom of the post.
  • Download SCPH1001 Bin File.
  • Download and install FPse emulator from here.

How To Run PlayStation Games On Android Tutorial

  • Once PlayStation game ROM and SCPH1001.BIN is downloaded move it to your sdcard or your devices memory.
  • Install FPse and open it after installation completes.
  • From the FPse’s MENU option move to SETTINGS>>SYSTEM>>BIOS LOADING>>SDCARD>>SCPH1001.BIN ( this steps sets your bios settings)
Run PlayStation Games On Android

FPse Bios Config

  • Now from the FPse’s MENU option move to SETTINGS>>SYSTEM, from here UNCHECK ” HLE MODE ” and click on ” DEFAULT CONFIG SAVE ” to save the current settings.
Run PlayStation Games On Android

Uncheck HLE Mode and Save It

  • Now restart this app by clicking QUIT from FPse’s MENU option.
  • Now load your game by selecting load option and then choosing your Playstation Game ROM which you downloaded.
  • Now the game will load up but you won’t see any controls as it is set to Transparent as default.

Setting Up Controls

  • To make it visible go to MENU>>SETTINGS>>INPUT>>TOUCHSCREEN and from here Click on TRANSPARENCY and select DISABLED.
Run PlayStation Games On Android

Disable Transparency

  • To CONFIG the bottons go to Buttons Configuration and check buttons 2-5 leaving buttons 6 and 7 unchecked, once done click on MENU>>SAVE>>OK.

Run PlayStation Games On Android

  • Your controls are now saved.

Setting Up Video Settings

  • As soon as you press back button after setting up the controls you will see various options select VIDEO option.
Run PlayStation Games On Android

Edit Video Settings

  • Here check and uncheck the following as shown in the image below.

Run PlayStation Games On Android

  • Again click on MENU>>SAVE>>OK.
  • This will save your current VIDEO settings.
  • Now press back and enjoy your PlayStation 1 games on your Android device.

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