Stay Fit With These Fitness Wears Available In India

Stay Fit With These Fitness Wears Available In India

Being Fit is hell of a job to perform specially in India. In today’s life very few of us stay fit or try to stay fit, so to conquer this phenomenon of not being fit or finding hard to stay fit various Fitness Wears has been introduced to the world some of being The Nike Fuel Band, Misfit Shine etc. But what about India , is there any Fitness Wears Available In India to buy? Is it any good? If yes, then which one should I go for. Yes there are various Fitness Wears Available In India and yes they are good and about which one should you go for that totally depends on you. Well to help you choose here is the list of The Best Few Fitness Wears Available In India.

Fitness Wears Available In India

Stay Fit With This Fitness Wear

Garmin VivoFit vs GOQII vs MYMO

  • Garmin VIVOFit ( Fitness Wears Available In India ) : 

    The Garmin VIVO Fit is the best looking Fitness Wears Available In India , with the plastic strap in various cooler colors which will surely be loved by all. The Garmin VIVO Fit does exactly what a Fitness band / wear is supposed to do ie Tracks your step , distance covered,  calories burnt and gained, sleep cycle etc but what makes it different from others is its MOVE BAR in RED right on the top of the screen , which starts to grow / move when you doesn’t perform any activity , it keeps on adding up until and unless you perform certain activity like dance , jogging etc. The good thing about this device is that its battery last for an year without any charging, which is good deal. The only problem that I consider with this device is its sync issue with its connect app which sometimes takes hell lot of time.  You can buy this gadget from various online retailers for less than Rs 9000.

Garmin Vivofit ( Fitness Wears Available In India )

Garmin Vivofit Coolest Fitness Wear Available In India

  • GOQii ( Fitness Wears Available In India ) : 

    Like Garmin VIVO Fit also records your steps , distance,  sleep, calories etc but what it does different is that it tracks all your data and send it to a Human Personal Coach who analyses your data and give you real-time feedback , suggestions and directions to stay fit. The coaches are very much professional and knows exactly what they are doing so you need not worry about your trainer any more. The more interesting thing about this device is that it is for free of cost, you only pay for the luxuries coaching system you are hiring and believe me it is not at all costly you only pay Rs 3999 for three months which is surely less than what you must be paying for your gym sessions and is surely must buy Fitness Wears Available In India.

GOQII ( Fitness Wear Available In India )

GOQII Is An Good Looking Device Which Comes With Luxurious Coaching.

  • MYMO ( Fitness Wears Available In India ) : The MYMO is the cheap and new entry in the Fitness Wear World . This device like others records all your fitness need in your day to day life and shows directly on the screen of your phone with its native app. This device like others doesn’t come in any band style but rather as an clip to hold style.  The only thing which I don’t like is its no display on the device itself which could prove to be the deal breaker. You can get this device for around Rs 3375 .
MYMO ( Fitness Wear Available In India )

MYMO ( Stay Fit With This Fitness Wear )

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