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How To Fix Google Play Unknown Error 961 Easily

Fix Google Play Unknown Error 961 Fix Google Play Unknown Error 961 : While downloading or updating our apps through Google Playstore we have sometimes experience the Google Play Unknown Error 961. Google Play Unknown Error 961 has became one of the most common type error on Google Playstore. Google Play Unknown Error 961 basically means the request for downloading or updating an app through […] Continue reading →

[Fixed] Unfortunately Trebuchet has stopped error

Unfortunately Trebuchet has stopped error,Trebuchet [Fixed] Unfortunately Trebuchet has stopped error:This is a common issue which causes your Android device to freeze, the home screen goes blank,system force closes and then restarting your phone.If you often try different ROMs than you would have surely this issue. The phone displays an error message like “Unfortunately Trebuchet has stopped error” or “Unfortunately launcher […] Continue reading →