[Fixed] Unfortunately Trebuchet has stopped error

[Fixed] Unfortunately Trebuchet has stopped error:This is a common issue which causes your Android device to freeze, the home screen goes blank,system force closes and then restarting your phone.If you often try different ROMs than you would have surely this issue.

The phone displays an error message like “Unfortunately Trebuchet has stopped error” or “Unfortunately launcher has stopped error”.Many genius like people have managed to fix this issue by themselves.But if you are among those who cannot figure it out to fix Unfortunately Trebuchet has stopped error,follow this tutorial which will guide you to get over this problem.

Note:-This error occurs on rooted devices and mostly with the android devices having Cyanogenmod Roms(CM 7, CM 9, CM 10) because they use Trebuchet as default launcher.

Unfortunately Trebuchet has stopped error:Fixed

1. Clear Data and Cache

Try clearing your data and cache.For this follow the below steps

  • Go to System>Apps>Open ‘All’ tab Select> Trebuchet.
  • Select Force close,Clear data and Clear cache of Trebuchet.
  • Now Restart your Android device.

2. Install another Launcher

You can use another launcher and see if this work out for you.

  • Download and install other launcher like Nova or Apex and set it as your default launcher.
  • You need to delete Trebuchet files as it might conflict with your newly installed launcher.
  • Go to System>apps>delete or rename Trebuchet to any thing else.(Use a root explorer for accessing root directories. ES File Explorer Recommended)

3. Chang Trebuchet Settings

Yes,Changing Trebuchet settings can also fix this issue.You need to make some changes in the Trebuchet settings.

  • Press the Menu button and you will Trebuchet Settings.

If the settings menu doesn’t shows up,install another launcher(eg. Apex/Nova).Open Widgets>Activities and scroll down to select Trebuchet>Preferences.Now you will be able to access Trebuchet settings from Homescreen.

  • Go to Dock Divider deselect and reselect it from Trebuchet Preferences.
  • From Trebuchet Preferences>Homescreen, set the number of Homescreen to 7.
  • From here make sure to enable search bar.

This is it,You have finished making changes to trebuchet settings.

Do not try all these methods at once.You should try all the above methods one by one and then see if this works out for you.

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